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M2MBlue takes SDWAN to the next level with the Bondix solution. This total solution can solve the most critical and difficult network infrastructure challenges, anywhere, anytime. Bondix was developed with customer convenience as its starting point. And with an understanding that every customer case is unique.

The complete Bondix solution includes extremely reliable hardware and software, guaranteed connectivity and excellent managed services. While you have a great deal of flexibility in combining a custom set of building blocks according to your needs, no matter what combination you choose, we guarantee you an infinite broadband connection with seamless redundancy.

These are all the building blocks you can choose from:

These are all the building blocks you can choose from

High-intelligent bonding router
Connectivity CloudSIM
Datacenter Cloud security + policy control
Customer cloud portal
Customer support

Every solution contains the building blocks you choose, which makes every solution unique!

Passenger management system
Virtual bridge dashboard
Additional hardware

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Examples of problems we solve

My business has slow internet due to the large number of employees who are simultaneously online

I don’t know what is happening on my business network

My business’ internet connection experiences too many disruptions, resulting in lost revenue and dissatisfied customers

I don’t really understand my bill breakdown

I want to reduce the network costs

I don’t want to deal with multiple (local) IT suppliers

I don’t want to rely solely on fixed internet

I don’t want to invest in expensive IT equipment

I just want to focus on my business and not be forced to deal with IT issues

I don’t want my guests to watch Netflix on the guest WiFi network