The next level remote controlled sailing on tugs – simultaneous remote controlled firefighting!

For the second time, demonstrations were given of remote controlled sailing on the RT Borkum, this time during the Innovation Expo 2018 on the 4th of October in Rotterdam. This project, called ‘’the best in control’’, bundled the project partners’ strengths to realize this amazing innovation of remote controlled sailing of tugs.

mini rt borkum

The Innovation Expo was located on the RDM port in Rotterdam and was visited by over 4000 people. There was even governmental interest, the minister of infrastructure and water management, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, was present and also showed her curiosity in our project by visiting the RT Borkum. In total, 3 demonstrations were given of which 2 were live streamed on M2MBlue’s Facebook page. Compared to the last demonstration given in June, the Innovation Expo demonstrations contained__ an element of surprise__. Besides remote controlled steering, the tug is also able to remotely control firefighting! The captain onshore was able to extinguish a fire over distance without anyone on the tug interfering. Due to rules and regulations, a captain had to be on board of the RT Borkum during the remote controlled sailing demonstrations. However, the onboard captain was of a passive spectator.

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The project partners of ‘’the best in control’’:

  • Rotortug is the owner of the used tug in this project, the RT Borkum.
  • Kotug is the overall project manager.
  • Alphatron installed the camera visualization and system integration in the consoles.
  • Veth integrated the steering and engine control system to switch from local console to remote control and vice versa.
  • OnBoard installed the conversion of the steering and engine control signal to internet protocol and vice versa.
  • M2MBlue integrated a stable data connection with VPN tunnel, an optimized data connection with LAN and 4G bundles combined. The data stream is determined by the amount of cameras and the amount of nautical information (e.g. radar, ecdis) that is being displayed.