M2MBlue connects broadcasters; No more struggles!

Today broadcasters face various struggles, from roaming restrictions on local SIMs, problems with finding the proper SIMs with latency and bandwidth, a limited amount of operators to choose from, to remotely shooting locations with no proper internet connection. We’ve all been there…. You make decisions based upon cost efficient reasons, like using local SIMs with cheaper prices per GB in order to avoid receiving a ‘’bill shock’’ when you return home. But, these so called cost efficient arguments are nothing more than struggles in disguise.


Imagine this…....

• You have the possibility to choose from various networks wherever you have to go for shooting, there is not just one single network available….

• You don’t experience any roaming restrictions, the SIMs have high bandwidth by using bonding techniques….

• A cloud portal monitors the connection, where all the usage information and costs can be found….

• If difficulties are experienced or a problem occurs, there is a support desk you can contact by phone or email….

• Whenever you are finished with shooting and no longer need to use the connectivity, you will receive 1 bill. Without a bill shock when you return!

You don’t have to imagine this any longer, because connectivity specialist M2MBlue can provide you all this!

Moreover, M2MBlue has its own data center with various hubs abroad (e.g. London & Singapore). It is possible to use M2MBlue’s infrastructure as a service and be guaranteed you have a secured, reliable and high speed connection. This case, the word cost efficient is not a struggle in disguise but a real benefit! As a customer you don’t have to invest in an entire data center but use an already existing one and experience convenience.

M2MBlue offers tailormade connectivity solutions for broadcasting. You decide the intensity of our service, because your business is our starting point. Our goal is to give you convenience and let the struggles fade out.