M2MBlue and Moving Intelligence join forces at Monaco Yacht Show

M2MBlue will be exhibiting its M2MBlue tender at the annual Monaco Yacht Show (27 – 30 September). Built by RibbonYachts, the latest Ribbon R45XC will be presented to the general public for the first time at the event.

The Ribbon is specially equipped with the Mi50 Marine vessel tracking system from Moving Intelligence, making it possible to follow the Ribbon in real time and provide maximum security.

“Security was a key issue during the construction of the M2MBlue tender,” says Christian Westers, CEO of M2MBlue. “The Mi50 Marine allows us to track our vessel online and in real time via an app – this is a USP in our world of connectivity.” Patrick Horst, CEO Moving Intelligence: “We will be showing how our tracking system works at the Monaco Yacht Show in cooperation with M2MBlue. In addition to this unique event collaboration, we are working with M2MBlue to further develop the connectivity and our Track & Trace systems in the automotive sector.”

Mi50 Marine

The Mi50 Marine is a comprehensive vessel tracking system which offers a wide range of options to optimise vessel and security management. The Mi50 is protected against sabotage and battery voltage disruptions. In the latter case, the Mi50 notifies the PAC (Private Alarm Centre) which – being linked to the MiApp and the online Moving Intelligence platform – provides insight into the tender’s location. The routes sailed are also automatically registered.


As network-independent connectivity specialist in the field of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, M2MBlue provides worldwide wireless connectivity and services. M2MBlue offers services based on smart and hybrid roaming to national and international markets.

Moving Intelligence

Moving Intelligence brings moving worlds under control using invisibly integrated hardware combined with information-providing software. From cars to boats, trailers to containers and scooters to working equipment, Moving Intelligence helps people keep control over anything that moves. Clients range from multinationals to retailers, and from fleet management companies to proud oldtimer owners. The unique web-based Moving Intelligence platform offers the most advanced services in the field of security, trip registration, fleet management and sustainable mobility.