M2MBlue & KPN represent NOS at the Olympic Winter Games 2018

Even M2MBlue can not be absent at the most exciting and important winter competition, the Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang. Everyone, everywhere wants to be able to enjoy and experience the diverse competitions on live television or on a live-streaming device. Therefore, it is of essence that the various broadcasters have a constant, secured and always ‘’on air’’ connection. Considering the fact, that M2MBlue is a global connectivity specialist and KPN is one of the world’s well-known telecom corporations, both corporations decided to partner and supply the NOS with roaming simcards containing broadband data against a sharp and fair price. These simcards in turn are installed in the cameras. The NOS crews do not have to trouble themselves with connection issues, M2MBlue has a 24/7 support service and can consult with KPN. As a result of this partnership, the NOS is able to live stream and make reportages that they can stream back to their headquarter in Hilversum. Thanks to the fast broadband connection the NOS can be on top of the most recent Olympic happenings and instant report it to their viewers without a malfunctioning connection.

Even though M2MBlue is not physically in Pyeongchang, the excitement is here and we are thrilled and proud that our Dutch athletes are performing so well and that the NOS viewers around the world can enjoy this too.