Groundbreaking Blended Connectivity with Custom Connect and M2MBlue Partnership

Custom Connect is offering customers a new groundbreaking option, blended connectivity. This leverages fixed lines and 4G to connect mobile and hard to reach devices, act as a backup network, or take a company live-to-market quicker than ever.

The Blended Connectivity option offered by the carrier neutral connectivity integrator Custum Connect combines fixed and 4G connectivity provided by M2MBlue, one of the leading wholesale global 4G services providers today. Alongside M2MBlue's high-capacity 4G technology, Custom Connect engineers, designs and manages a bespoke Blended connectivity solution that can enhance a wide range of networking solutions.

“M2MBlue and Custom Connect make a perfect fit," explained Olav van Doorn, CEO, Custom Connect. "We share a strong can-do mentality based on a clear vision of the importance of carrier-neutrality for enterprise networking.”

Both companies are complementary in offering mission-critical networks to a global clientele – Custom Connect with a fixed starting point, and M2MBlue with mobile. “In the domain of mobile communications we see a growing need for end-to-end redundancy and performance," Christian Westers, the CEO M2MBlue went on to say. "With Custom Connect, we are able to address those needs.”


Continuity and quality are the major requirements in business communications, as seamless connectivity is vital for both mission-critical operations and day to day business. In the age of 'always-on' and 'mobile first', 4G connectivity adds significant value in the search for improvement of the continuity and flexibility of business communications.

With blended connectivity, you can integrate two separate infrastructures into one SD-WAN-ready management environment. Adding 4G to the existing array of redundant communication channels also minimizes the risk of failure to near-zero, as the 4G network is separated from the fixed infrastructure.

This works the other way around as well. Today, many innovative business models are based on mobile access, and the end-to-end transport of the associated data flows must be secure, reliable and high performing --- from 4G devices all the way up to the business-critical applications. That means traveling along the ether, along the fixed infrastructure, through the data center into the applications and back. In a blended connectivity environment, 4G also benefits from the redundancies in the fixed infrastructure.

Blended connectivity enables great opportunities, too. Businesses can speed up their time to market, as they are no longer confined to waiting for fixed connections to be deployed. 4G offers connectivity at remote locations where traditional connectivity methods are not available. Due to its fast deployment and small IT footprint, a 4G connection is easily be established. Internet of Things strategies are also much more easily adopted when the end-to-end connection from device to datacenter is safe and secure.

Custom Connect

Custom Connect is a carrier neutral connectivity integrator with global headquarters in Amsterdam, London, New York and Dubai. We offer bespoke communication solutions and services that connect your offices, branches, data centers, clouds, and customers anywhere in the world.