For the broadcast industry, M2MBlue provides solutions with one type of SIM, often replacing satellite and glass fibre, to ensure global and constant connectivity over-the-air without changing SIMs. Addressing stacked bandwidths, real-time, unsteered SIMs and transmission towers in an intelligent way, we ensure your cameras stream high volumes of data 24/7 and worldwide without a hitch.


High Volumes

M2MBlue is a specialist in transferring high volumes of data, and guarantees end-to-end connections.


M2M multichannel platform

Manage your connections from 35 different MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) via a single portal.


24/7 Control & Security

M2MBlue offers full 24/7 support from its control centre.


Full MVNO status

M2MBlue has a full MVNO licence, manages OTA (over-the-air) IMSIs, supplies real-time CDRs, prepaid platforms, etc.


Smart Hardware

We supply smart custom-made screens, routers, cameras, tablets and more, linked to our M2MBlue multichannel platform.



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