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M2M Blue was requested to provide managed internet connections for various five-star river cruise vessels. Internet is a basic need for the guests in the five-star segment. For people making the trip of a lifetime, a day without internet could result in insurance claims. As each guest brings various devices on board (iPhone, iPad, MacBook etc.) a ship with 80 cabins requires the bandwidth of a typical office building on shore. In addition, the vessels don’t always sail in areas where internet is freely available.

As all guests return to their ships at the same time after their daytime programmes, managing the connections is a daily challenge for our service centre. Via a smart mix of I fernet sources, landlines/bonded LTE/KA Vast, we provide the guests with internet as they are used to at home. The dynamic distribution of the available bandwidth ensures every guest maximum enjoyment, which is why they’re on board in the first place!


River Cruises


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We developed a stable solution whereby internet is not provided from the ship itself but via our data centre. Vessels are constantly in contact with the LTE network of several different independent providers, and at least eight SIM cards are active at all times. These active lines establish a tunnel to the data centre from where the internet is provided, making it possible to stack lines and obtain the required bandwidth. A special amplifier was developed to ensure a stable connection in regions where coverage is poor.

There were various other issues that could be centralised, including content filtering, e-mail filtering, consolidating the cash register systems and managing the Wi-Fi access points on board. Finally, we applied special video compression software to optimise use of the radio connection.

24/7 Controle & Security & Efficiency

We are responsible for anything connected to an ethernet cable; from the film system in the guest cabins to the computer-controlled beer tap in the lounge – each of which is monitored 24/7 from our office in Budapest. Every vessel requires a constant online presence, not just for our resource management but also to ensure the passengers internet access. With our systems, we are able to carefully control the balance between (guest) satisfaction and costs. Solutions such as the use of fibre connections when ships are at anchor allow us to optimise the cost balance and provide guests with higher speeds for updating their operating systems or making personal back-ups. These fibre connections are beamed as soon as the vessel is moored.

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