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Custom Connect MicroWave runs Europe’s fastest link between the London and Frankfurt trading platforms. Latency between LD4 Equinix Slough and FR2 Equinix Frankfurt is as low as 4.572ms round trip. Traders and risk managers benefit from the fastest data service between two of the most important trading hubs in Europe. This unparalleled performance is the next step in an aggressive roadmap for Custom Connect’s ongoing effort to maintain its leading market position.


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The Challenge: device management on inaccessible locations

Custom Connect runs two MicroWave connections between Germany (Frankfurt) and UK (Basildon, Slough) to connect the London (NYSE) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchanges. Custom Connect was the first to leverage microwave technology for this connection. The link is established by putting MW transmitters and receivers in a series of 11 towers along the optimal path between the two end locations, across UK, Belgium, France and Germany. Most of those telecom and Nato towers are built over 50 years ago, at remote, hard to reach premises, in woods and on hill tops.

In order to reach the record communication speed, Custom Connect’s engineers have stripped the data stream of all the management payload that typically is associated with data communications, such as control information and user data. This method requires an alternative approach for enabling the management and control of the devices and the datastream.

The Solution: 4G access

For the remote management of the MW communication devices, Custom Connect MW leverages the 4G channel. The communication devices in the towers are equipped with SIM-cards. For creating redundancy, per device several carriers are connected. This way 4G adds significant value in the search for improvement of the continuity and flexibility of mission critical communications.

“By introducing 4G, we have created an additional communication layer. We are able to remotely access the devices without interfering with the MW bitstream. The communication of our customers stays untouched. That is important, as their financial interests are huge,” says Boyard Engels, Project Director, Custom Connect MW Custom Connect has implemented the 4G management in its comprehensive Global Service Center.

The Results: highest-available, lowest-latency connection

“4G offers us very reliable and fast remote access to our equipment. We only need to climb the towers for incidental repair or replacement of devices. By partnering with M2MBlue, we do not have to worry about choosing mobile carriers, sim management and billing. The uptime of the MW connection is 100% since we deployed 4G management,” says Engels.

  • Easy network management
  • Significant operating cost reduction
  • Highest-availability, lowest-latency link
  • Redundancy by connecting multiple mobile networks from a single device
  • Remote management integrated in Custom Connect’s managed service through the Global Service Center

Blended Connectivity

This use case is a fine example of Custom Connect’s Blended Connectivity solution. Blended Connectivity is a scenario for integrating fixed and mobile into a network that leverages 4G for connecting mobile or hard to reach devices, or for creating additional backup capabilities. Custom Connect partners with M2MBlue to offer carrier-neutral high-bandwidth connectivity through 4G. By adopting the M2MBlue offerings, Custom Connect provides an additional 4G connectivity service that enhances its broad array of connectivity solutions.



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