Game Changer

Dutch shipbuilder DAMEN has launched GAME CHANGER, its 70-metre DAMEN Yacht Support vessel (227 ft) with helicopter hangar last February. GAME CHANGER is a fantastic showcase of the Yacht Support solution for owners who want to have more fun off the beaten track, but with a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership.

These types of client are interested in visiting exciting new destinations with less established superyacht infrastructures. The Yacht Support Vessel's primary goal is to support the mother ship with additional space for tenders, helicopters and submersibles, and for additional storage of supplies.

Damen Shipyard wanted to use the GAME CHANGER as a pilot ship. The question was to develop a system whereby the ship can be read real-time onshore.


Damen Shipyard



High Volumes Smart Sensoring Platform 24/7 Control & Security

What we did

Smart Sensoring

Over a period of just four weeks, M2MBlue developed a solution for transnational connectivity for the data exchange on the vessel in collaboration with Maplese. We also realised a cloud solution with a real-time DAMEN-specific dashboard that provides the vessel’s critical data to stakeholders on shore.

High Volume

Always on online. Combining the best…

M2MBlue designed for Damen Shipyard an “Always Online” concept. Where the world of IoT opens for the Bridge. The idea is simple: we use the best carrier-concepts and “bond” them together. Close to shore side (ups to 30 km due to special amplifiers) the internet source is 4G. Further away the resource seamless changes to Vsat without any interruption. Always online.

Bonding involves the aggregation of multiple Internet connections so that download and upload speeds are added together. M2MBlue special vehicle routers with special tailor-made amplifiers are able to combine four mobile networks and therefore providing the necessary reliability and bandwidth.

24/7 Control & Security

M2MBlue’s connectivity solutions are highly valued in terms of security, continuity and connectivity. We offer 24/7 support from our control centre. All connections are guaranteed and ensured through a secure data centre. Game Changer benefits from excellent connectivity at speed thanks to the nautical systems on board.

The result



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