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Nowadays, almost every business is dependent upon a reliable, stable and fast internet connection. If the internet connection is interrupted or downgraded the business in question will face a decrease in income and productivity, an increase in costs and maybe even trigger customer dissatisfaction. Irrelevant of the market segment, a never-ending rock-solid internet connection is a must.



A crucial factor in getting connected is the deployment process. In the Netherlands we are spoiled with a very good infrastructure when it comes down to fiber lines and DSL. But in other European countries, the opposite is true. A lot of businesses in the Netherlands use their DSL line to get connected, a mobile solution could be added to gain more bandwidth, either as primary or back-up solution dependent upon the business case.

But what if a country doesn’t have such a well-equipped fixed infrastructure? And your business is expanding? For example, a foreign office, opening stores abroad or setting up a new distribution center in the middle of nowhere? It could take weeks or months before a DSL line is installed, and even if a DSL is installed it’s always a surprise how well it functions. What will the actual achieved Mbps be? A business can’t afford to be offline for weeks, or function with little bandwidth. But what’s the alternative besides waiting?

The answer is simple: M2MBlue’s Rapid Deployment Solution Bondix

Within the next working day (24 hours) we can have your business up and running based upon a high-speed, entirely managed mobile solution. This solution could be used as temporary primary line until the DSL is installed. The 4G line will function as primary connection which could be changed into a back-up solution once the DSL is deployed. The unique aspect from our solution is that, we use the bonding technique which enables our routers to combine different kind of connections. The 4G solution can be plugged in, as well as the DSL connection once it’s deployed. The lines will be combined in order to create even more bandwidth, with seamless redundancy as a result. For example, if the DSL’s bandwidth would drop the Bondix solution will automatically intercept and makes sure the original bandwidth is continuous and stable. It’s entirely up to our customers how their network infrastructure is designed. Our mobile solution can function as primarily connection or as back-up. This solution it entirely managed, which means:

  • Installation handled by us from start till end
  • Specific lines (applications) can be prioritized
  • Highly secured and centralized lines
  • 24/7 support
  • Insight in data usage
  • High speed internet and large bandwidth
  • Costs are based upon an OPEX model; no afterwards surprises

Another unique aspect from our rapid deployment solution is that we offer an usage period/contracting period with a minimum of 3 months. The majority of solution providers work with contracting periods of at least 1 year. We understand that sometimes a temporary solution is needed in order to execute business practices. We want to enable businesses not to be held back by connectivity struggles. Because let’s face it, we are doomed without being online.

Bondix makes sure your business is never offline!

Bondix makes sure your business is never offline

Irrelevant of the market segment, a never-ending rock-solid internet connection is a must.



Regardless of your question, always contact us. We will help you find your perfect connected solution. There is a live chat available during office hours. Otherwise call or email us.

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