Broadcast Gold at the Olympic Winter Games 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Everyone everywhere wanted to be able to enjoy and experience the many competitions on live television or on a live-streaming device. In such circumstances, it’s critical that broadcasters have a constant, secure and “always on-air” connection. There was no way that M2MBlue was going to let such an Olympian challenge go unanswered.

So, as one of the world’s leading global connectivity specialists, M2MBlue teamed up with KPN, one of the world’s best-known telecom corporations, to supply the NOS with roaming SIMs containing broadband data (for a very competitive price, naturally). Installed in the cameras, these SIMs meant that NOS crews didn’t have to trouble themselves with connectivity issues, especially as Team M2MBlue/KPN provided 24/7 support.

Thanks to this winning partnership, the NOS was able to live-stream, as well as stream their reports back to their headquarters in Hilversum. As a result of their fast broadband connection, the NOS was on top of all the important Olympic happenings and was able to instantly report all of it to their global viewers without a glitch.



Broadcasters’ struggle

Broadcasting events around the world comes with many complications: roaming restrictions on local SIMs, problems finding proper SIMs with sufficient latency and bandwidth, a limited choice of operators, and remote shoot locations with little or no proper internet connection. We’ve all been there...

As a broadcaster, keeping efficiency in mind, you make the best decisions you can, like using local SIMs with cheaper prices per GB in order to avoid ‘’bill shock’’ when you return home. Unfortunately, all too often, these so-called cost-efficient solutions create many struggles of their own.

All gain, no pain

Wouldn’t it be great if:

  • you didn’t have to rely on a sole available network but had the possibility to choose from various networks no matter where you had to shoot...
  • you didn’t have to worry about any roaming restrictions, as your SIMs would have high bandwidth by employing bonding techniques….;
  • a cloud portal would monitor the connection, with all usage information and costs easily displayed and managed….;
  • if when problems arose, there was a 24/7 support desk you could contact by either phone or email….;
  • whenever you were done shooting and no longer needed the connectivity, you would receive only a single bill. Without any bill shock upon return!

Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine any longer, because connectivity specialist M2MBlue can provide all this! Today. Securely. Reliably.

Moreover, M2MBlue has its own data center with various international hubs (e.g. London & Singapore). You have the option of using M2MBlue’s infrastructure as a service and be guaranteed that you have a secure, reliable and high-speed connection. Suddenly, the word cost-efficient doesn’t have to be struggle in disguise but a real benefit! As a customer, you don’t have to invest in an entire data center but simply enjoy the convenience of using an already existing one.

Advantages of M2MBlue’s for broadcasters:

  • Fast: high data volumes through bonded broadband connections
  • Global: mobile data in 200+ countries with 600+ networks
  • Carrier neutrality; unrestricted to a specific network operator with 2-4 available networks per country.
  • Secure: centralized and managed connections in our own data center
  • Convenient set-up; our customers can expect a smooth configuration of SIMs, activation and continuous control of data plans.
  • Virtual: customer cloud portal
  • Manageable: Near real-time charging & billing
  • Control: 365/24/7 support



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