Bondix by M2MBlue for Retail

As commerce goes increasingly digital and cloud-based applications become the norm, a reliable internet connection is business critical. Any interruption or even momentary downgrading of service can have serious negative consequences, especially for retailers.
Not only for your revenue, security system, inventory, or store entertainment system, but also for your customer satisfaction.

Our solution: Bondix, connect smarter



M2MBlue developed this solution in order to provide retailers with reliable and high-speed managed connectivity for critical applications - anytime and anywhere!
The combined disruptive technologies of bonding and the CloudSIM (virtual SIM) take this SD-WAN solution to the next level: SD-WAN++.

This solution consists of the following building blocks:

  • Bonding routers: combining connections
  • Connectivity: the SIM(s) can access multiple networks
  • Data center: security (central gateway) & content filtering
  • Customer cloud portal: insight in service and usage
  • Support: during and/or outside office hours, 261/5/8 or 365/7/24

Trust drives revenue

More and more retailers are integrating card-payment-only-systems into their stores. This is not only convenient for both customer and employee, it is also a lot safer. However, what happens if your network connection suddenly goes down? Even a momentary downgrading of connection can result in a forced payment stop, running the risk of customer dissatisfaction, revenue loss and possibly social media ire. Therefore, it's no exaggeration to consider a store's payment system as a critical application. As such, its not good business to rely solely on one network connection. That was fine when the norm was "always-online-is-nice-to-have", but today, for any serious business, the norm is "always-online-is-a-need-to-have".

Secure connection = secure store

What is true of your payment system is equally true of your store's security system. If your network connection is down, so is your security system: no video recordings of the store, door alarms are inactive... It's a perfect scenario for shoplifters, but a nightmare for your bottom line!

It's all about bonding

Our bonding routers are the perfect solution for both your connected payment and security system! The bonding routers enable you to bind together different networking media – such as DSL, 4G/LTE or cable – from multiple providers. Bonding internet lines provides you with a single virtual broadband line, representing the combined broadband bandwidths and providing you with more bandwidth for your applications. Offering a further advantage: the interruption of a bonded line will not affect the applications using the bonded link. That is why bonding is the best solution for critical applications: you are never offline!

Rapid Deployment

We can have Bondix up and running for you tomorrow (in other words, within 1 working day)! Our short-time-to-market policy is one of the main advantages of Bondix. Have your stores up and running in no time and leave the risk of downtime/downgrading behind you.

Going global

Multiple stores? Across different countries? No problem! We can provide them all with our Bondix solution. Each location will have its own VPN, with information flowing to our secure data center. It is also possible to install an end-to-end connection, providing you with your own data center.


Have a store or stores in areas with poor coverage or intermittent connectivity?
Have been told that you have to wait months before DSL/fiber can be provided?

Bondix by M2MBlue to the rescue! After all, our origins as M2MBlue, the global connectivity specialist, came from providing an optimal network service in poor reception areas. By bonding together different connections from multiple providers into one big link, we will make sure that you are online with high speed connectivity. Best of all, with our rapid deployment policy, we can have Bondix up and running for your stores within 1 working day.

In the case where DSL gets installed at a later date (by another provider), you can still decide to keep Bondix on as additional security. Our bonding routers are able to combine different networking media; you would merely have to decide which networking media would be your primary line and which one would be your backbone. Bondix is flexible and can provide both.

Bondix Benefits for Retail

  • Simple: 1 solution, 1 supplier, 1 contract
  • Secure: centralized and managed connections in our own data center
  • Short-time to market: you can begin immediately!
  • Control: user-friendly management software
  • Global: mobile data in 200+ countries with 600+ networks
  • Affordable: avoid high CAPEX and development time
  • Fast: high data volumes through bonded broadband connections
  • Smooth: seamless redundancy
  • Innovative: unique and smart use of disruptive technologies
  • Virtual: customer cloud portal
  • Manageable: monthly fee with no surprises
  • Reliable: highly secured and 100% uptime
  • Convenient: we've made it simple for you

Bondix by M2MBlue. Our solution. Your peace of mind.



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